New ways of designing, new ways of manufacturing

Supermateria helps you make your vision a reality, from the idea to the finished product, by finding the best design and improved technological and manufacturing solutions.


Every project is different, every solution is customized

Supermateria is a Florence-based company born to combine design with additive manufacturing and new technologies at the company's service. Our expertise is: industrial design, computational design, product prototyping and manufacturing, robotics, consulting on 3D printing and technological research, and training.



Optimization, sustainability and productivity are the core values on which Supermateria is founded. We believe that industry should employ technology to produce objects in an ecofriendly way, optimizing resources virtuously.


To design means looking for the most appropriate solutions for achieving the goal by planning production virtuously. Making the best use of technological solutions implies disposing of one's resources in the best possible way.


We believe that industrial production must comply with economic and environmental sustainability criteria. Nowadays, technologies allow us to optimize the economic investment, the materials, and the time needed to design, fine-tune, and produce.


How often have you wondered about increasing your productivity, but the human and technological resources available were insufficient? Supermateria helps you find new production methods that enable your company to increase productivity while maximizing time and costs.

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